Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Welcome Post 2.0

Hi! Welcome to our blog! And as you've already found the blog, you should go visit our Facebook page, view our (shameless) promo video, or send us an email.
Since Jordan gave you a few tidbits about herself, I thought I should do the same. I have to admit, she's probably right about the webmaster thing. Honestly, I'm more of a paper/pencil person. I'm still in the learning process, but hey, I've figured out how to post, so score one for me. I'm also an obligatory-sized cosplayer at 6'0", last I checked anyway. (You also won't see me in a Sailor suit. Seriously, they're only flattering on the petite.) Also, I disagree with the better half of the duo statement. You take half of Jordan and half of me and wham!, you get super duper awesome whole.
I've known Jordan since freshman year of college, which I'm sure she mentioned. I'm an English major, and no, I don't plan to teach.
I regularly attend Neko-con with Jordan, so if you want to meet us, that would be the place to do it. We'll be there doing what we usually do: organizing Gophers.
I feel I should also fore-warn you that I'm not exactly artistically blessed. So if I ever post a sketch, you'll have to bear with me and use your imagination. :)
I suppose that's all the important stuff, for now at least.


PS: Doubly shameless link to our Facebook page, where the promo video just happens to be posted. Two birds, one stone. Score two for me!

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